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Free Downloadables

Free sermon sheets and colouring for any age. Download freely!

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God's Christmas Gift Colouring

Colouring sheet to download and give away as part of your church's goody-bags at Christmas or to display in your own windows! Bible text: 2 Corinthians 9:15


Greater Love Remembrance Day colouring

Colouring for kid's and adults to do to honour Remembrance Day and create a 'Poppy trail' 

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Free Light Pumpkin Colouring

Free Pumpkin Bible Verse colouring for your kids to do and stick in the window for community Pumpkin Trail

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Sermon Notes

To help those of ANY age engage meaningfully with the sermon and text


Nodiadau Pregeth

 Welsh Language sermon notes


اطلاعات  موعظه

Farsi Language Sermon Notes


Colouring Word Art

Luke 3:6

2020-05-15 19.18.26.png

Colouring Word Art

Luke 3:22b

2020-05-15 19.19.15.png

Colouring Word Art

1 Corinthians 15:20

2020-05-15 19.31.42.png

Colouring Word Art

Isaiah 40:1

2020-05-16 13.05.13.jpg

Colouring Word Art

John 20 v 19

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