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What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is drawing LIVE at an event, either manually with paper and pens, or digitally, hooked up to a screen. Your own event artist, basically!

Why Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is all about getting the feel of an event, creating visuals with pictures and words which cohesively pull together what your event is about, and what is happening.


It’s a great way for punters to recap easily what they’ve seen and heard. Or explaining to people who couldn't be there what your event and vibe was all about!


"Sophie provided a graphic illustration service for our four-day rare disease scientific conference. She produced a very high quality product, and I would highly recommend her for any corporate/professional graphic illustration work.

Sophie had extensively researched the complex science being discussed at the conference in advance, creatively translated that into her illustrations, communicated with us throughout the illustration process to ensure the product met the brief.  She was a pleasure to work with."

Hannah Russell, Alport UK


Alport Syndrome Alliance

Alport UK hired me for a 4-day project in Cyprus, creating info-graphics for their International Workshop.

This was a huge job dealing with complex science and distilling it into fun, lay-person terms.


I worked with my colleague Pippa on this one, drawing live in the moment and then collating and tidying the images into to booklet format for use by clinicians and patient journeys.


Keswick Ministries

I sat in on multiple evening keynote sessions of Keswick Unconventional, producing art in response to what was being said.

Each night I captured multiple pieces of art, and was invited to speak briefly of my creative process and how certain words and phrases triggered my art creation. 

In my own life

As someone who attends conferences and whose husband is involved in much public speaking in church settings, for the last 8 years I've been collating his talks into short infographics and colourful visuals in my notebook, which I often publish on social media 

lecture notetaking.heic

Your project

I'd love to work with you.  To find out more how we can use graphic recording to make the most of your conference, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


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