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Prints and Cards

Ever wished for a card that was just a bit left field? A bit offbeat? But still pretty fresh and modern? Sophie felt that way too, so started getting her own cards printed. Her dark humour escapes at times onto these offerings, but also gives fresh expression to things often missing from a card shops repertoire. Like cards for believer's baptism, or to convey prayers and sympathy for when life just plain sucks. She likes avoid the schmushy Valentines stuff often on offer, she prefers to go the funny, dead pan route.
Similarly her framed are bright and bold, often pithy quotes or striking bible verses which deserve a closer look at. Or just plain old satire of the weirdness of life and christian culture. Check out a sample below, some of which are available to buy on her Etsy shop.

2017-11-09 15.56.33.jpg
2018-01-23 11.29.50.jpg
2018-01-23 11.11.43.jpg
2017-07-05 09.08.31-3.jpg
2019-02-14 14.33.07.jpg
2020-02-01 17.12.47.jpg
2020-02-07 16.55.05-1-1.jpg
2020-02-04 13.35.27.jpg
2020-02-12 11.09.27.jpg
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