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So what's new with you?

It just feels like a polite question to ask as I'm about to launch into a blog post of what has been happening in 2018 so far with me. I've had terrible hair cuts (self inflicted) and wonderful art opportunities!

I had a logo change this year, as I felt the old one didn't really represent the kind of vibes I was giving off in my art. So I switched to a mustard yellow/tarragon green colour palette with my own lettering

New look logo for 2018

This year has been huge so far, which I'm hugely thankful for.

(Just to provide context I got a LAW DEGREE in 2005, not an art degree. YES LAW. I did three years slogging on contract law, trusts, a wasted year on EU Law, thanks Brexit. But actually since a kid I was always ambitious to be a classical musician with serious piano and violin accolades to boot. But somewhere along the line God allowed my life to go down some interesting avenues, a law degree I didn't want, to marriage and kids, which I hadn't planned on wanting, but turned out I did, and then poor mental health (definitely didn't want) which lead into art, lettering and cartooning as a healing process to move forward.)

And it's grown year on year!

This year to break it down into highlights it would be;

5) Expanding the amount of classes and venues I've been asked to do Modern Calligraphy workshops at, including a major corporate group function.

4) Designing and seeing come to fruition my first wedding invitation, RSVP and Order of Service set.

3) Being paid to do informational cartoons for autism awareness charity The Sensory Projects

2) Illustrating my first book for an author friends personal project. (and I was a fan girl for many years before I met her, as she wrote many helpful books, and particularly one on being a pastor's wife, which was another place life threw me! So this was an honour to do!)

1) Being commissioned by the Bible Society to design Christmas cards designs and stickers.

That's pretty awesome, and doesn't even include the other highlights such as, designing unique commissions for customers, and even designing a logo for a new women's mentoring and inspo group within the business world! Plus my fave christian conference Word Alive featuring my cheeky Bingo cartoon during their evening meetings this year and getting odd cartoons of niche weirdness get retweeted by people whose work I admire and appreciate.

So check out my slideshow of pics and enjoy!

2018 projects mini slideshow

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