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A free coupon at the end of this blog post??

Sorry, I went low. I did clickbait.

But, whatever, you're reading this sooooo it worked!

But as it turns out, though this year is only into its second month, I've have had lots of cool opportunities and stuff happening!

My work for the Bible Society was really well received and was getting into LOW STOCK by the time Christmas had arrived! So seriously, THANK YOU all who bought my cards! I was worried only my Mum would buy them, so cheers everyone!

I've done a number of workshops already in art centres in Woking and Aldershot. Plus next weekend takes me to a private booking in Guildford.

You know you can just direct message me about a quote? I am down to do my intro to modern calligraphy/brush script workshops for any occasion. whether that is a birthday booking, or hen do, or just coz you need to get arty and nowhere is doing what you want! Check out info here

I've also done some more cartooning for The Sensory projects as Joanna Grace is an amazing advocate for inclusion and demonstrating how with a little creativity and knowledge those with autism or complex learning needs/disability can be included.

Last month I went along to a professional development workshop run by Laydeez Do Comics

which was super helpful to me in figuring out some things in my long term goals to write and illustrate a full length graphic novel! It's deffo a #lifegoal and will take a long time, but it was such a helpful session to think about pitching and funding!

I'm hoping to announce some further cool opportunities coming my way soon! (excited face :D)

Plus one extra thing....

As it's Valentines day on thurs, I have a coupon for you! if you enter PERISHVDAY2019 at the checkout of my Etsy shop you can get FREE SHIPPING on my Valentines day cards!

There are two designs, so go for it, get one for your husband/wife and the secret boyfriend/girlfriend they have no idea about! (JK OBVS!)

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