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Howdy Doody!

Howdy Doody there folks. I'm late blogging yet again, nevertheless here goes.

Here are just some updates on what I've been up to creatively since I blogged last in February!

I'm thrilled that I managed to hustle myself some fun at the annual christian conference Word Alive!

I kinda gave myself the role of cartoonist in residence, and they printed both my cartoon satires on christian culture and the two scripture based bits of typography I did!

Here's my bingo and favourite 2 Timothy scripture doodle

It was so much fun seeing people having a go at Word Alive Bingo via social media, and overhearing a students disappointment that there wasn't further Word Alive Bingo the following day!

And a final cartoon on how tell your friends about the conference. (or not ;) )

I've been busy on Instagram creating lettering content, tutorial videos for lettering, doing personal commissions and some other LARGE scale murals which I will blog about soon! (PROMISE)

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