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Murals and Apologies

Oh goodness. More months go by and more broken promises for another blog post from me!

Apologies! This is not due to inactivity on my part, more that I've been doing gajillion projects* (*may not be mathematically accurate) and have not been on top of updating this blog!

My instagram is the most up-to-date place to catch my work and current projects, so go here if you are desperate to see what I'm doing currently.

Last year, I had the joy in the summer, of doing some large scale lettering murals which I'd not done before.

One was for a Bible verse on the wall of a newly decorated kitchen. (No pressure eek!)

The couple had a vision for their favourite verse from 1 Thessalonians to be on the large blank wall.

Once we had chosen a design/lettering style and colours, I then used a projector to project a large scale version of my work onto the wall so I could essentially get it straight and scaled to the right dimensions!

Projecting artwork pre-painting

And so drew in faint outlines on the wall in pencil, the lettering, which I could then paint on.

I used a mixture of Posca acrylic paint pens for the black lettering, and then for the green/teal shade for the large "Thanks" I used a sample pot of bathroom paint from Homebase.

It was a painstaking process to try keep everything smooth and as close to my design as possible.

But I was thrilled with the results, as were my clients thankfully!

The second large mural that I tackled was for my own church. We had a side door with ramp which was not in use as it led only to a cupboard and we had other access to the building and suitable fire escapes. The current door was a bit of moldy, peeling chipboard and didn't look either inviting or ya know, pleasant in any way. So I was given a new large piece of plywood and free reign to design what I liked!

And I hope you can really see the difference ;)

I finalized the design first on my iPad and then with the physical piece of wood in front of me used masking tape to create the geometric patterned border.

It took many layers of paint and waiting around for things to dry before I could start to sketch and freehand the lettering on the door. When I was satisfied with my spacing (often composition is the hardest part of lettering) I started to paint each section.

Those are my largest pieces to date, but I was super happy how they turned out and I got loads of helpful info from "Queen of Murals" Haley Barry

Hope you enjoyed seeing the process, do ask any questions!

And next I hope to update you on some of the other fun projects I've been commissioned and working on this year!

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