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Modern Calligraphy Workshops

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Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

From £40

Take the plunge! Start your first steps towards creating beautiful lettering. Invite Sophie to your venue for a 3 hour workshop which includes a Japanese brush pen and Perish&Fade welcome pack, complete with alphabet drills and handy tips for your modern calligraphy journey. Learn also some simple artistic techniques to make the lettering pop out of the page visually and come away with two pieces of work to show off! Sophie will be on hand to guide you through forming your upper case and lower case letters and the little cheats you can do to make lettering easier (Shhh!)

Introduction to Brush Lettering

From £45

In this class, you will learn how to handle the incredible thick bold strokes of Tombow Dual Brushpens to create beautiful vivid letters. This class includes 2 pens to work with and take away with you. Sophie will be on hand to help you through your alphabet drills with useful sheets to work on. And help you to create unique watercolour effects with the ink along with other techniques. You will come away with two finished pieces. One a personally chosen lyric/quote on a unique watercolour splotch background, and secondly a greetings card with eye catching greeting of your choice, using the techniques taught to you with your pens!

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Upcoming Classes

Brush Lettering Workshop

March 14th 2020 - West End Centre Aldershot - 10:30am -1:30pm

Learn how to use the incredible and versatile Tombow Dual Brush pens. Each student will get two pens and leave with two pieces of work!
We start with how to make the basic strokes needed for brush lettering, and then learning techniques to get the best out of your pens, including making watercolour splotches, shading and drop shadows for the most eye catching lettering ever. Anyone can learn this!

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