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Scroll down to see some of the different types of content Sophie has produced.  Contact her here for more info and to collaborate with her.



Sophie’s creative spiritual journal, published by The Good Book Company, had its international release last year. It captures what Sophie is so passionate about - the interplay of creativity and faith. It is a guided bullet journal with short scriptural studies and artistic prompts each month. Helpful habit trackers, space for daily journalling and sermon notes make this journal something to be used every day of the week and encourages creative freedom in the spiritual life.

You can buy it directly from The Good Book Company here.


Sophie has been the cartoonist in residence at Word Alive for a few years, offering cheeky satirical insights into the niche world of Evangelicalism to keep conference attenders amused as they browse the Daily Briefing newsletter.


She has covered all sorts of subjects from the changing trends of Worship Leaders through the decades to the Types of Person one might meet at a Christian conference.



The “art fringe” of the Keswick Convention happens in Week 3, and this year Sophie was brought on to provide live drawing during each of the evening sessions. While speakers Ted Turnau and Ruth Naomi Floyd spoke, via digital means she created in the moment art pieces which pulled at the threads of thought and spiritual reflection taking place. She also was invited to share her insights of creativity and faith on the stage discussion panel each night. She also enjoyed designing the bespoke logo for Unconventional.


Sophie has provided artwork for the renowned charity dedicated to translating the Bible in numerous languages and dialects around the globe. Both an infographic card for supporters for the yearly “Thankathon” and Bible based typography for a postcards sent to supporters to keep and remember to pray for the ongoing work.



Christian music collaborative Joyful Noise have worked with Sophie twice. She produced a bright graphic of one of their popular songs for the crowdfunding stage of their album, and then created the music video lyric art for “Not Unto Us” - see here on YouTube


A favourite kids band for many Christian families in the UK, Awesome Cutlery came to Sophie during lockdown to create a fun lyric art video.  They used it for the many online shows they did and for use in Word Alive and Spring Harvest programmes.



As well as writing for this national faith-based newspaper on faith and creativity, Sophie also provides monthly cartoons providing satire and gentle ribbing of the church cultural oddities we unconsciously adhere to.

Biblical Women. Equity? Exhibition

In July 2023, Sophie contributed a piece to this travelling exhibition, which explored the subject of Women found in the Bible and how they were represented and treated.


Sophie chose Vashti as her subject as an often-overlooked footnote to the start of the book of Esther. Sophie drew parallels to the #MeToo movement and how Vashti, in the words of 19th century activist and theologian Elisabeth Cady Stanton, was a rebellious heroine. “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God”



In 2022 Sophie collaborated with the charity “Own My Life”.  They provide resources and support for women who have experienced Domestic Violence, rape or abusive relationships.


She created a colourful vulva design for a tea towel design. It aimed to bring empowerment and a sense of ownership over the female anatomy, a source of joy and pride, not shame.


Over the years Sophie has collaborated a number of times with Educational Consultant Joanna Grace.  She has provided infographics for the work, explaining the need for sensory integration and multi-agency co-operation in settings with autistic or additional needs people.


Logo/Brand Work

Sophie has worked with numerous organisations to provide them with the artwork needed to visually explain and match their ethos and vision.


Recently she designed a logo for the “Four Eyes” podcast featuring Cath Woolridge, a regular on the “Pause for Thought” segment in the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on Radio 2.

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