Perish & Fade

Lettering and cartoons by Sophie Killingley.

Quirky, pithy, truthy.

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About Me

Perish & Fade

Sophie Killingley is a freelance artist, specialising in lettering, comics and illustration.

She's honed her craft slowly since 2013, obsessing over typography, fonts, hand-lettering, filling journals full of modern calligraphy and cartoons from the weird recesses of her brain.

She teaches modern calligraphy in workshops in the Surrey/Hampshire area, both privately and for local art centres. She is also available for corporate bookings, having a run a workshop for a major international firm based in Britain in 2018.

She was commissioned by christian charity the Bible Society to design their Christmas cards for 2018.

Her work was used on the daily briefing at the national christian conference 'Word Alive' in 2019. She also provided lettering for the debut EP of gospel-folk duo Land and Salt 

Sophie provides her lettering and cartooning for company Go Teach! for bright and contemporary looking Sunday school materials.

During Easter 2020 in the midst of the pandemic she provided the artwork and lettering for christian organisation "Speak Life" for their "Easter Means Hope" campaign.

And Summer 2020 saw a great collaboration between band Awesome Cutlery and her lettering and animation for their video "The Hero" shown at the online Keswick Convention.

She loves to letter/calligraphise  (made up word alert) on just about any surface with any pen.These amusing, satirical and uplifting offerings are added almost daily to her Instagram page.

 Nothing is safe when she has a pen in her hand. Her cartoons and illustrations are quirky offerings of satire, humour and heart from her perspectives on mental health, being an autism parent and the niche madhouse which is christian culture. She has had her cartoons picked up and retweeted by British Airways, BBC Sport and unofficial Poet Laureate of Twitter, Brian Bilston.

Contact her for workshop /commission availability.