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Perish & Fade

Lettering and cartoons by Sophie Killingley.

Quirky, pithy, truthy.

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About Me

Perish & Fade

Sophie Killingley is a freelance artist specialising in lettering, cartooning and writing.


She loves to letter/calligraphise  (made up word alert) on just about any surface with any pen. These amusing, satirical and uplifting offerings are added almost daily to her Instagram page.

Nothing is safe when she has a pen in her hand! Her cartoons and illustrations are quirky offerings of satire, humour and heart from her perspectives on mental health, being an autism parent, and the niche madhouse which is Christian culture.


Previous clients she has provided artwork for or collaborated with;


Word Alive, Spring Harvest, Keswick Ministries, Speak Life, Bible Society, Go Teach! Joyful Noise, The Good Book Company. Being Human magazine also published one of her first poetry offerings in their latest edition.


Her lettering has graced the cover artwork of debut album by folk due Land & Salt, and has featured in music videos by band Awesome Cutlery and music collective Joyful Noise.


She has provided front cover lettering for three children’s books by author Victoria Smith, which have topped various Amazon best selling categories.


Sophie has a creative spiritual journal called Draw Near coming out with The Good Book Company later on in 2022 and will be available for pre-order from February.

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